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Becoming a life long student with scripture journaling

Becoming a life long student with scripture journaling

A few weeks ago I gave you the why you should scripture journal. Need a refresher? Check out Leaving a Legacy of Growth through scripture journaling.

Becoming a life long student with scripture journalingNow that you know the why, lets tackle the how.  I found scripture journaling after I found bullet journaling. In case you haven't figured out while I love electronics there is just something special about being able to write important things down. This is even more true for Bible Study. Why, well that is because I can then come back to it, I can see it, and I learn from both reading and writing. Even cooler is something I mentioned in my previous scripture journaling post, you can pass on a legacy of your growth to your family.

Okay so how did I get started. I started and am still working in a graph composition notebook. I like this, but I find that the pages are thin and so highlighting is out. So if your going to use a composition notebook I suggest using colored pencils. Did you know that you can buy colored pencils that are erasable. Wow, that was an awesome revelation for me. Well my OCD has me using pens until I lose them or run out of ink. So until then I am just using plan colored pens.

So what do you need to get started?
    Do you want to grown in your knowledge of scripture? Does the idea of journaling sound like something you can do? Well you can, and this posts aims to help you get started in being a life long student.
  1. Notebook - you can use any kind of notebook you want. 3 ring binder / composition or spiral bound notebook, moleskin! Find something that you like and use it. If you use a 3 ring binder your going to need either loose leaf paper or you can find printable Bible study sheets that you might prefer. Remember this is about your growth so use what is most comfortable for you.
  2. Bible - How can you study and journal the scripture if you don't have it. I suggest that you find a translation that works best for you. If you can't understand then that is going to make this difficult.
  3. Writing utensils - Pens, pencils or color pencils. Use what makes you happy, what allows you to express what your learning.
  4. Highlighters - Highlighters allow you to draw attention to things that stick out to you. So you can use highlighters, you can also use colored pencils, or even water color paint. Remember this is your journal and you should use it to express what your learning
  5. Mercy - While I recommend passing these journals on once they are finished, you should offer yourself grace. I personally am not a fan of my writing or my art, but I try to not stop me while I write, draw or anything else.
Okay do you have what you need? Awesome, lets get started.

Getting your journal ready
    Becoming a life long student with scripture journaling
  1. You need to decide what you want to study. You can pick a topic, you can pick a book in the Bible, or you can pick a bible story. I used a you version devotion to help guide me through scripture. You can do that, pick a devotional book and use it as your guide. 
  2. Open your journal and create an index page. You can do this by simply writing index across the top. This will be helpful in helping you find what you have learned if you want to review a specific topic, story or book. 
  3. Now you should number some of your pages. You can do this on the bottom or top corner. I suggest at least doing about 15 pages.
Finally, time to use your journal

Okay know is the time to journal what your learning. I do this as a literal journal. I write the scripture that really speaks to me and then I write how is spoke to me. I underline important things within the scripture. I have a Life Application Bible and sometimes I put the notes from that Bible.

Remember that journaling what your learning is about You and what You are learning. So take time to experiment and be creative. My challenge for you to is now that you know how I started my journal you can take the opportunity to create your own journal. Just take the time to grow and challenge yourself.

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