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You have Not been Forgotten

Have you ever wanted, needed, or been promised something? Yet in everything, it didn't come. This is a waiting season and I've been there too... or have I been forgotten?

No one knows what being forgotten is like more then Joesph.

We all need a reminder during our waiting season. That reminder is that you are not forgotten. God reminds us of this through the story of Joseph.

God gave Joseph dreams that one day he would be so great his family would bow down to him. (See Genesis 37:1-11) All of this caused jealousy among Joseph's brothers who sold him into slavery.

Joseph was bought by one of Pharaoh's officials, Pontifar. The only problem, Pontifar's wife wanted Joseph for her earthly pleasure. Joseph wasn't having any of this. So she gave false witness toward Joesph. She plain and simple lied because things were not going her way. This lead to Joseph being through into prison.

How could God take a slave, thrown into prison, and bring forth his promise of being great one day? God was working things out. Just because we can't see it doesn't mean God isn't working it out.
While in prison, God showed favor on Joseph and all he did, so much, that Joseph was put in charge of other prisoners.

After some time, the Pharoah's cupbearer and baker were thrown into the prison with Joseph. Each had a dream, but they didn't understand their dreams.  They told Joseph, and God gave him the answer. Joseph explained what each dream meant, one good and one bad. What Joseph said came true, but the cupbearer forgot all about Joseph when he went back to work for Pharaoh.
 The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him. - Genesis 40:23
 Just because people forget us doesn't mean God has.

We all need a reminder during our waiting season. That reminder is that you are not forgotten. God reminds us of this through the story of Joseph. Pharoah had some dreams, but the wise men of Egypt didn't know what they meant. This reminded the cupbearer about Joseph and what he had done for him. So he told Pharoah, who had Joesph brought from prison. Once again God showed Joseph the meaning of the dream.

A famine was coming, and God also gave Joseph wisdom on how to prepare. Pharaoh took this as a good sign and put Joseph in charge of collecting and distributing food. This was the position God had promised Joesph in his dreams, and would lead to his family bowing to him.

Though he waited years, God took the seemingly impossible circumstances and used them to work out all his plans for Joseph.

If God can do this for Joseph, why would he not do the same for you?

While waiting, keep holding on to the promise that God will provide your needs, He will provide what He has promised.

What part of this story do you find  yourself in? Are you hearing about your promise, waiting, or receiving your promise? What part of this story is the most encouraging to you?

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